Release Your Equity

Equity Release is a lifetime mortgage or home reversion scheme. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration.

Equity Release will reduce the value of your estate and can affect your eligibility for means tested benefits.

This is an equity release plan.

About Us

Paul Collins has been involved in financial services since 1977. His wealth of knowledge and maturity has lead him to specialise in advising his clients in the area of Equity Release. To highlight the benefits that the various types of facilities offer. This ensures you get the right advice and assistance for your circumstances.
Paul Collins conducts business in the areas of: Mortgages, Protection and Equity Release.

How We Can Help

Equity Release can be used not just to give you the opportunity to access the equity that you have built up and stored in your existing property. There are facilities that can allow Equity Release on a clients Buy to Let properties.

It can also be used to assist in a proposed house move and purchase.
This is achieved by us arranging the facility that completes at the same time as your property move and can make up a portion of the value of the property.

This would be added to the funds that you have personally provided to complete the purchase.

  • Help you get the right property in the right area
  • It could be closer to your family and grandchildren
  • That bungalow that you have always wanted
  • The ideal property after all debts have been repaid
  • The property you thought may not be able to afford
  • Your perfect property to enjoy retirement in a safe secure environment

If you are not looking to move home BUT would like to improve your financial position:

  • Repay all your debts to lower monthly expenditure
  • Pay off an Interest Only Mortgage
  • Increase your income in retirement
  • Have access to a facility to give you funds when you need them
  • Home and/or Garden Improvements
  • Go on holidays as you want
  • Help with day to day living expenses
  • Gift to family members
  • New Car / Vehicle
  • Home adaptations to assist living requirements
  • Buy an additional property
  • Extend a Lease

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